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Reducing the risk that a workers’ comp claim may result in denial

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Worker's Compensation

While it is no secret that some fields of profession may be inherently more hazardous than others, safety risks can exist in nearly all job environments. Whether you work in a factory or in an office behind a desk, a work-related incident could occur at any moment, and the fallout thereof could have a lingering impact on your life.

The workers’ compensation insurance system is designed to help provide financial aid to employees in Indiana who suffer injuries at work and face a loss of wages during recovery. However, navigating this system can be somewhat intimidating at times, and what happens if your initial claim for benefits results in denial?

Possible reasons for a denied claim

Understanding some of the most prevalent reasons for a denied workers’ compensation claim could help you prepare to protect against such an outcome. A few examples of issues to address in this regard may include:

  • The topic of timing: After a work-related incident occurs, you may only have so much time to file a workers’ compensation claim, and allowing this deadline to pass may prove detrimental.
  • Medical care: Claim denials may also be more common if there is insufficient information on your injuries and treatments, and keeping thorough medical records may be essential to protecting your interests.
  • The incident: Another factor that might influence your situation may involve the question of whether your injury was work-related, and being thorough when reporting the incident might be imperative.
  • Illegal activity: Allegations of unauthorized behaviors such as impairment or horseplay could also lead to a greater risk of denial and avoiding such behaviors could be essential to staving off similar issues.

Reviewing the terms of your employer’s workers’ compensation policies may also be vital to helping you avoid taking steps that violate these terms, as this could also affect the outcome of your situation.

Preparing for the process

It might not always be possible to predict when a work-related accident will occur, and being prepared to handle the aftermath thereof can be a stressful and complex process. With so much at stake, it could be in your best interests to consider seeking guidance on every necessary step to take as you prepare to initiate the workers’ compensation claims process. This could help place you in a better position to safeguard your future as you prepare to seek the full amount of compensation achievable through every applicable outlet.