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Tips for navigating divorce from an unreasonable ex

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Family Law

Divorce is never easy, but divorcing someone unreasonable can make it even more stressful. Whether your ex is angry, scared or vindictive, they could feel entitled to more than their fair share. Or they may want to punish you by demanding something they know you want or refusing to cooperate.

In these cases, it can be tough to know what to do. Thankfully, there are tips to get through this process more smoothly when your ex is irrational and uncooperative.

Establish boundaries

When one person is making unreasonable demands or holding inappropriate expectations, it can be easy to get roped into their irrational thinking. To prevent this, you can establish and enforce boundaries.

For example, if your ex is texting or calling late at night, making it difficult to sleep, you could set a rule that you will not answer any calls or messages after 7 p.m. If they want to discuss matters related to the divorce, ask them to put their requests in writing or talk to your attorney. During custody exchanges, you could decide that neither of you will enter the other person’s home.

These boundaries can help you stay clear-headed and avoid conflicts.

Minimize direct interactions

Someone who is volatile or hostile may antagonize the other person to elicit a similarly heated response during a divorce. Thus, it can be wise to refrain from spending unnecessary amounts of time together.

Sit away from each other if you both attend your child’s school or athletic event; steer clear of social events where the other person is likely to be; find a place to stay during your divorce to avoid having to live together.

Choose the appropriate method for your divorce

There are multiple ways to settle a divorce, the main ones being mediation, the collaborative process and litigation.

Each strategy has pros and cons to consider, so it can be wise to discuss all the options with your lawyer. Generally speaking, however, solving legal matters outside of court can be less costly and time-consuming, and it can be more amicable. However, if your ex is unwilling to negotiate and refuses to participate in these methods, litigation can be the best option.

An unreasonable ex should not stand between you and a fair divorce. These tips can help you navigate the process more easily and pursue the outcome you deserve.